L&D Consulting

Clear vision and a perfect grasp of the organisation’s line of business help Human Resources workers to support their staff in the accomplishment of their professional aspirations and to be in a position to offer them the best means to self-development.

Within Human Resources, Learning and Development teams and in-house coaches seek to build strong, creative, and dynamic teams by developing their skills.

Training can foster growth and provide support during change, with staff using essential tools to develop themselves.

We can support the L&D teams and in-house coaches as they steer and implement these programmes, ensuring that they are in line with the organization’s HR strategy, the professional aspirations of each individual, and the organization’s business goals.

We have provided support in:

  • Designing and formally defining a standard skill set
  • Implementing the “Talents” path
  • Deploying changes in cultural paradigms
  • Supervising in-house coaches
  • Designing training catalogues
  • Referencing external coaches
  • Designing and analysing tenders
  • Managing internal projects

We work at a fixed price or on a contractual basis all over the world.