Mentor Coaching

Mentor coaching and Supervision are two forms of support for professional coaches.

To help coaching progress and give coaches and their clients clear, concrete markers shared by all, the ICF has drawn up:

These 8 core competencies have been sorted into four categories. They provide a safe structure that coaches can rely on, a keystone to underpin and develop their professional stance.

The aim of mentoring is to foster a clear understanding and integration of these 8 core competencies.

There are several possibilities, such as:

  • Working on recorded sessions, or transcripts,
  • Listening to recordings made for ICF
  • Ongoing educational supervision factoring in the ICF competencies
  • Support to prepare an ICF application
  • Mentoring can be individual, in a group, or a mix of both.

An ICF-certified mentoring group is scheduled for roll-out in 2021 – dates to be set with all participants.

Contact me to discuss it further.