Selecting coaches

We provide support in the referencing of your coaches and partners.

This involves:

  • Defining referencing criteria with you,
  • Finding coaches, all over the world,
  • Meeting and short-listing them,
  • Helping you choose the most suitable coaches for your programmes,
  • Training them, if necessary,
  • Assessment,
  • Monitoring their pathway on a long-term basis.

What do executives want when they hire coaches ?

Top 5 Criteria:

  • Ability to build rapport, trust and easy interactions with the coach,

  • Experience and skills as a coach (university training, at least 5 years experience),

  • Experience dealing with specific leadership challenges (e.g. challenging interpersonal styles),

  • Being clear about your coaching approach,

  • Business experience (level of executives, hours, locations, etc.)

Some other criteria:

  • Culture match

  • Recommendation from a colleague

  • Location/proximity to the location

  • Cost

  • Industry experience

  • Advanced degree

  • Specific coaching certification

  • Use of a specific instrument/tool

Source: WBECS survey, April 2015