Strategic Consulting

In addition to classic strategy consulting missions, we can also provide support by focalizing our know-how and programmes on behaviour and attitudes. In this capacity.

We partner with international consulting firms that integrate the coaching stance into their operational missions.

We believe that this specific requires a special skill set, including the ability to forge a very strong connection with our client’s strategic, operational, and organizational realities.

We have forged a reputation for our capacity to integrate these complex behavioural issues. From our viewpoint, this requires as much skill, method, and tenacity, as the capacity to observe, curiosity, and audacity.

Our missions begin with calling the goal into question, and most often end with a contribution to the setting up of a strategy that largely exceeds an ordinary recommendation.

We mainly work in the following sectors: telecommunication, new technologies, banking and luxury goods.

We work at a fixed price or on a contractual basis all over the world.

Here are examples of complex issues we can handle:

  • Anticipating markets experiencing big changes over the long term
  • Coping with competition
  • Putting an innovative product on the market
  • Business and growth strategy
  • Technological strategy and innovation management
  • Leadership, human resources and expertise
  • Digital strategy