Transformational Leadership

Most training programmes have embraced at least one academic model. This has proved to be a drastic mistake. What is needed is an entirely new way of thinking about what it takes to help people boost their leadership. Cultivating leadership and upgrading competencies requires in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of behavioural change.

At the same time, despite the billions of dollars spent on corporate training programmes globally, the effectiveness of these programmes is rarely evaluated by the company that pays for them, nor by anyone else. “Sometimes we call it Spray and Pray: we expose everybody to the training and hope it sticks to some”. When it comes to evaluation, reasoning gives way to impression.

Oxygen Coaching designs programmes to order, in line with its clients’ transformational challenges.

Our range is geared around various offers in order to address the varied elements in your organization and adapt to the different levels of seniority of the staff members addressed.

Our offers include the building of a process to measure the effectiveness of the programmes we build.

  • O2M - Management Development

    Delivering continuous business improvement through exceptional management.

  • O2L - Leadership Development

    Delivering continuous business improvement, through leadership development.

  • O2EL - Executive Leadership

    Delivering continuous business improvement, by building trust and engagement, through exceptional leadership.

  • O2LC - Leading Change

    Making change happen and embedding transformational change.

Interactive, dynamic educational skills are leveraged to build and lead these developmental programmes. They combine seminars, co-development sessions, workshops, and coaching to achieve in-depth participant development.

Some seminars are further backed up with personal and team profile tools and 360° feedback that offer self-knowledge and help trigger a learning process.

Our network of leaders, coaches, philosophers, sociologists, comedians, and researchers contribute according to your needs, with testimonies, studies, feedback, and detours that open the participants’ minds.

Should our clients so wish, we can steer small- or large-scale deployments A-Z (involving up to several hundred people, several sites and several languages).

We steer each mission in project mode, with one project leader in charge of organizing, coordinating, supervising coaches and consultants, follow-up and quality assessment throughout the entire project.