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Since 2008

With over 15 000 executive coaching sessions and over 100 team coaching sessions over the past 15 years, Oxygen coaching is internationally recognized for the excellence of its coaches, methods and philosophy of individual and team coaching.

Our offers

  • Executive Coaching

    Unleash your potential and transform yourself.

  • Intercultural Coaching

    Global coaching for global leaders.

  • Team Coaching

    Boost your team’s performance.

  • Bridging

    Connect and Bridge the key entities and people within your organisation.

    Foster trust and cooperation.

  • Team Building

    Improve efficiency and interpersonal relationships.

  • Mediation

    Resolve disputes and regain efficiency.

  • Organizational Coaching

    Transform your organization, from culture to behaviour.

  • Supervision for coaches

    Collective and individual supervision for certified coaches.

  • Mentor Coaching & Certification ICF

    Increase your capabilities as a coach in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.

  • Zebra Coaching

    Coaching for gifted adults.

  • L&D Consulting

    Project Management Support.

    L&D Strategic Consulting.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Building a powerful strategy for thriving in uncertainty.

  • Coaching for Leaders

    Develop your leadership.
    Transform yourself.

    Succeed on your own terms.

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