Organizational coaching

Organizational coaching plays a specific role when supporting people through change. It helps organizations find the resources and solutions to the questions and issues they face within themselves.

It’s about steering them towards greater coherence and alignment with their goals and their various components, for instance in the case of reorganization projects, mergers, and projects to transform the organization’s culture.

This practice requires the ability to work on four levels:

  • Supporting leaders
  • Transforming managerial teams
  • Modifying organizational practices
  • Measuring impact on financial and operational results

A consulting mission focussing on strategy and processes may also be provided.

The stages that we generally use are:

  1. Building a diagnosis and programme scenarios by integrating political dimensions and power struggles, ontological dimensions for groups, gregarious phenomena and resistance, organizational culture, globalization etc.
  2. Drawing up a coaching strategy and submitting it to the client.
  3. Defining the indicators to measure impact.
  4. Supporting group performance through the choice of strategy, pertinent tools, and ways to harness internal and external resources.
  5. Enhancing organizational coaching with specific topics if necessary.
  6. Deployment for the long term.
  7. Measuring the results.

Each programme is unique, we build it with you.