Oxygen energies

The Oxygen Coaching team is made up of a hard core of highly experienced professional coaches.

Depending on the needs of our clients, by combining the energies, the singularities, the skills and the styles of each one, we form tailor-made teams for each mission.

“A molecule is a set of atoms (at least two) identical or not, united to each other through chemical bonds”

The obvious

  • We are all certified, supervised, and committed to the coaching ethics (ICF, EMCC).
  • We all have significant experience in general management.
  • We are able to work in several languages, in France and abroad, and remotely.
  • We also have in common the excellence of our training and practice, and a wide diversity of academic profiles, professional experience and styles.
  • We all have over 15 years of experience in professional coaching.
  • Most of us are also coach supervisors and lecturers at coaching schools in France and abroad.
  • We love our profession.

Our style

  • We believe that it is possible to reconcile respect for people and performance.
  • We put our clients’ interests above our own, which does not mean we say yes to everything our clients ask of us. We are demanding of ourselves and with our clients.
  • We are professional. We respect organizational and local cultures, provided this does not compromise our integrity.
  • We regard all the information we are entrusted with as confidential.
  • We express our point of view, whatever it may be. We dare to design out-of-the-ordinary programmes.
  • We build virtuous solutions for our clients’ budgets.
  • We work as a team, both in-house and with our clients. We model interdependence.
  • We are a team of individuals with the freedom to do and say what seems right for our clients. We are proud of our independence.
  • We adhere to and uphold our professional code of ethics.
  • We are devoted to the professionalization of our trade.
  • We are free, independent, and passionate.