Coaching for leaders

Supervision de coach

We are convinced that the performance of your leaders and of your teams becomes possible when it is upheld by:

  • An appropriate organization,
  • A powerful vision and strategy,
  • Competent men and women, who know how to care for their development, their leadership, their teams, and the interactions that structure their system.

The leader plays a key role. The success of his or her organization and of the people that make it up depends on his or her own success. His or her failures have important repercussions on his or her collaborators, his or her organization, and its stakeholders.

Coaching for leaders allows the leader to take step back from and consider the issues linked to his or her role or to a critical transition, to reinforce his or her influence in the ecosystem and to increase his or her transformational impact.

For the leader client, the essential is to deploy all of his or her potential and to avoid obstacles on the way. He or she is powerful and has already shown it, the target is to go further still. As such, he or she needs a coach who is not a limiting factor who harbors a specific position.

Coaching is typically used to achieve one of the following purposes:

  • Skill development: Coaching to acquire, or improve upon, specific skills and abilities
  • Performance Improvement: Coaching to enhance performance in the current role
  • Career Development: Coaching to prepare for a future role
  • Executive’s Agenda: Coaching to help senior managers define their own notion of personal success and corporate performance

The practical modes of coaching for leaders are the same as those for coaching individuals.