Our Style

Our conviction

«At the beginning is the relationship.»  Gaston Bachelard

We believe that developing people and positive group dynamics is fundamentally correlated to how you experience relationships, in which taking others into account is a given.

As such, our approach is above all systemic.

We believe that the aim is first and foremost to transform interactions between people, in order to increase their respect for each other, and to open new avenues with plenty of leeway for exploration. We also believe that our input must have tangible, measurable impact.

This is why we carefully monitor the measurement of the results obtained after each programme. Feedback is organized for the client, so that they may not only measure the quality of the results obtained for people, but also the benefits for their organization.

Our ambition

Coaching is our core business. Our purpose is to develop your leaders’ and teams’ performance, all over the world. We have forged a reputation for deploying complex, large-scale programmes.

We develop many different coaching programmes to support individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.

Our many clients and partners appreciate our professionalism, our high expectations, our ethics, our international dimension, our capacity to handle large-scale projects, and our results-oriented focus.

Our stance

Supporting our client through complex missions requires an ability to consistently renew our way of doing things. We keep abreast of the literature on research about new modes of leadership, as well as new technological, sociological, and economical currents, in order to integrate them into our programmes. We invest a great deal of time in developing our knowledge base in order to offer our clients a unique perspective.

Leveraging the latest innovations in the helping professions, we custom-build programmes and devices, to support our clients in the development of individual and collective performance. Depending on our clients’ needs, we can take on the stance of a coach, consultant, trainer or expert.

We prefer to provide support as a pair of coaches, one male one female. This is a combination which can produce swift, powerful action.

We are well-reputed for being highly innovative in our coaching practices and in the diversity of our programmes, for both individuals and groups (team support, custom seminars).

Code of ethics

Oxygen Coaching adheres to the ICF code of ethics, as well as those of the EMMC.

These codes set forth the ethics of coaching, bearing in mind the specifics of coaching as a support process for people at work. They are thus the expression of ethical thinking.

These elements are set out formally in a written contract, drawn up with the coachee, comprising at least:

  • A reminder of business ethics

  • The frequency, duration and venue of the coaching sessions

  • The coach’s fees

It is drawn up between the coach and the coachee at the first session.